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Abyssinian Cats Information, Pictures


A love of peaks is a significant characteristic of the “Abyssinian Cats”. He likes to be high up as possible and will love using one or more ceiling-height cat trees. Smart, silly, and incredibly athletic, he remains in constant movement jumping, climbing, and exploring. In other words, this is not any lap cat.

Abyssinian Cats Breed Characteristics:


5 stars Energy Level

5 stars Shedding Level

2 stars
Affection Level

5 stars Grooming

1 star Social Needs

5 stars

3 stars Health Issues

2 stars Stranger Friendl 5 stars
Dog Friendly

4 stars Intelligence

5 stars

Abyssinian cat Siza

Male :, Medium: 8-12  Pounds
Female: Medium: 8-12  Pounds 

Life: 8 to 16  years

Abyssinian History

Showing cats had been the rage from the late Victorian age. Among the unusual breeds displayed at the Crystal Palace Cat Show at 1871 was an “Abyssinia” recorded in the late “Abyssinia” War”  that took the third location. Regrettably, no records exist concerning the cats’ roots, although speculati


on and myths around, such as claims that it was the kitty of the pharaohs, which it was produced in Britain by crossing brown and silver tabbies with cats who had”ticked” coats. Now, genetic evidence suggests that the cats originated from Indian Ocean coastal areas and portions of Southeast Asia. Dutch and British traders . Might well have attracted the cats out of ports like Calcutta, India, or even the islands of Indonesia. The cats were likely given the title Abyssinian Cats  since Zula, the feline exhibited at the Crystal Palace was stated. He have been imported from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). Historical pedigrees show crosses to non-Abyssinian cats. Which might explain the debut of new coat colors along with the gene for long hair. American cat fanciers first erased some Abyssinians in 1900, but abyssinian kittens breeding plans did not have a real start in the USA before the 1930s when the majority of these cats had been imported from Britain. It is a fantastic thing that a range of cats have been exported into the U.S. since World War II de

vastated the strain. Just a dozen of those cats had lived in England at the end of the war.

Abyssinian kitten Personality

Abyssinian kitten climbs higher, jumps further, plays tougher. Nothing escapes the note of the highly intelligent and curious cat, a quality which makes life together with him equally endlessly entertaining and always challenging. You never know what he will enter next. Even though you can presume that in the event you have something or do something, your Aby will wish to research it carefully. Many folks consult with the cats since”Aby-grabby” for the propensity for carrying items that capture their attention. At times it might seem like the abscinding never sleeps. He’s in motion, leaping up at the window to check

Abyssinian kitten

at squirrels or birds, leaping along with the fridge to oversee meal prep, perching in your own desk to observe your fingers move across the computer and then swiping them so you will listen to him rather than This is a lively, persistent cat that loves being the middle of attention and will do anything to accomplish and maintain that standing. The Amy enjoys to play with, so plan on creating or buying many different toys to keep him occupied. Educate him to recover at your own peril. As soon as you begin, he will not allow you to stop. He learns tricks fast and lots of As love running a feline agility program. A lover of peaks is a significant characteristic of the Abyssinian. When those are not available, he’s perfectly capable of creating his way into the uppermost point of every area. Luckily, he’s naturally graceful and seldom breaks things unless it’s merely from curiosity. Abys are adaptable during their own lives and fit nicely into any home where they’re loved and provided lots of attention. In a house where folks are at school or work during the afternoon, the Aby does best with a company, ideally a different Aby, who will match his activity level. Beware! The A could be addictive. When you’ve had one, you might realize that no cat is going to do.

“Abyssinian Cat” Health

Cats deficient in PK generally have irregular anemia. The lack can arise in cats as young as six months, in addition to Abyssinians Cat  as old as 12 decades. The hereditary illness is due to a recessive gene, which can be readily removed from the gene pool via DNA screening. The evaluation can determine if or not a cat is ordinary, a provider, and when he is influenced by PK lack. The ideal remedy for PK deficiency is unknown. However, it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to get your cat examined.

Abyssinian Cat
Abyssinian Cat
  • Early-onset periodontal disease.
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome, a neurological problem which may cause cats to excessively groom themselves, resulting in baldness.And also to behave frantically, particularly when they’re touched or petted.
  • Patellar luxation, a hereditary dislocation of the kneecap which may vary from moderate to severe. Severe cases could be relieved with the operation.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy, a degenerative eye disorder.
  • Renal amyloidosis, a heritable disorder that happens when a kind of protein called amyloid is deposited in body organs, chiefly the kidneys from Abyssinians Cats. It eventually contributes to kidney failure.


The excellent short coat of the Abyssinian  Cats can be easily cared for by weekly cleaning to eliminate dead hair and disperse skin oils. A tub, once the cat is shedding, will help remove excess hair quickly. Daily dental hygiene is most excellent, but weekly brushing is far better than nothing. Reduce the nails every few weeks. Scrub the corners of their eyes using a soft, moist cloth to remove any dischargeabyssinian cats. Use another subject of the fabric for every eye so that you don’t run the risk of spreading any disease. Verify the ears each week. Should they seem dirty, wipe them out using a cotton ball or soft, moist cloth moistened with a 50-50 mix of cider vinegar and warm water. Avoid using cotton swabs, which may damage the inside of the earbuds. Cats are incredibly particular about toilet hygiene. Also, a filthy box can lead them to begin using different areas in the home instead. It is a fantastic idea to maintain an Abyssinian as an indoor-only kitty to shield him from diseases spread by other cats, attacks by dogs or coyotes, along with other hazards that confront cats that go outside, like being struck by a vehicle. Abyssinians who move out also run the danger of being stolen by somebody who’d love to possess such a gorgeous kitty without paying for In other words, this is not any lap cat.

 Aby Cats Coat Color & Grooming

The Aby is frequently thought to seem like he’d walked straight from the crazy. That is due to the ticked coat pattern, which resembles a lot of wild cats like cougars. Everything about him proposes his active, caring nature. The A includes a slightly rounded wedge-shaped head topped with big, full ears, the better to hear you. Enormous, almond-shaped eyes of green or gold express curiosity about what they see. On the surface, dark lines can stretch from the eyes and brows. The muscular body is athletic and graceful. It drops to a middle ground between the stocky, or copy, a collection of a strain like . The Persian and the long, svelte shape of the Asian strains like the Siamese. Slender, fine-boned legs support the entire body atop little, oval, streamlined paws. Days are usually thought to look as though they’re walking on tip-toe. Its rings of color give the A’s coat a hot, luminous look. The jacket comes in four chief colors: ruddy brown.  Creatively called burnt sienna and ticked with darker brown or black, with tile-red nose leather and brown or black paw pads; red (occasionally referred to as sorrel), a cinnamon shade garnished with chocolate-brown, with pink nose leather and paw pads; gloomy a hot beige ticked with various shades of slate blue with nose leather called outdated improved and paw pads as mauve; and fawn, a hot rose-beige ticked with mild cocoa-brown, together with salmon-colored nose pink and leather paw pads. Some institutions allow additional colors, such as chocolate, lilac, and different silver tones.